it is time to take action!

I know things are a bit crazy right now, and that life feels like a whirlwind to you. I want to let you know that you are not alone. You are probably sitting at home in your sweats reading this blog, listening to and dealing with the world's negativity, sadness, and fear feels like it is never going away. This is probably the best time to breathe, relax and realize that there is still hope, there is strength and that there is a way to help and serve others. As I have been pondering everything that I have been seeing lately online and on the television, I have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect opportunity (if you can, of course) to help those in need when we feel helpless. If you want to make a small impact on the world (or in your neighborhood) know that when you serve, you will feel uplifted during this fearful time. I can't think of a better way to spread positivity and hope around! Are you not sure on ways to help? Here are my top 5 tips on how to help those when feeling helpless in this world.

Donate to local food banks or to a neighbor in need.

With the stores being completely out on basic needs, such as TP, hand sanitizer, rice, and even baby formula and diapers, if you have a spare to give to someone who has none. Maybe a parent (or both) are both sick and their kids have no dinner to cook. Post in your Facebook neighborhood group or community board! Let them know you are here to help. Whether that be a donation of a few diapers, a service to run to the store for them, or shopping your heart out to give to those in need. These are small yet impactful ways to help around!

donate blood IF YOU ARE HEALTHy.

Im sure with everyone now needing to stay home for the time being, there are those still who are continuing on the path of survival and need constant blood donors. If you are healthy, find an American Red Cross or a donation center to help those that are still in need of those resources. Of course, stay extra cautious and wash your hands often or bring a hand sanitizer. These little things can help in the long run!

support your small businesses.

I don't think I can express this more than ever. Small businesses (like myself) depend on our business' income. Almost everyone who owns a small business or is a freelancer, does not have consistent income, and when there's no income, that's it. We don't have the option to file for paid leave or assisted income from the government. We are on our own. My best advice for those who want to support small businesses during this time is this: pre-book sessions for later on the year, buy a certificate or gift card from that business and use later when things have calmed down, share on social media the local business so they don't go out of business. If there is a small business you love and adore, support them through this time!

check in with family and friends.

If you are one of those who are not able to go back to school or work for a little bit, one of the best and easiest things you can do is to shoot a quick text to your friends, or give a call to mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and anyone in your family or friend circle that you care for. Sometimes when things get crazy, people are triggered to feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and hopeless. A lot of these times when a crises happens, it really can affect one's mental health. Be an awesome person, and reach out to them. See how they are doing, talk about something positive or a funny meme you saw recently. Let them know they are loved and you are thinking of them.

share positivity.

This also might be one of the biggest things I haven't seen in a while on social media and on the news. Yes, we know a big virus is going on. Yes, we know TP is out (and we don't understand why still). Yes, we know to be extra cautious with our surroundings and wash out hands more frequently. We know whats going on and we are fully aware. This is the time to share on your social media good things. Positive things, and uplifting things! Share a message from your local church. Post a funny clip from your favorite movie or TV show. Share a meme that will make those laugh. Share something that was good today, a victory or a good deed you did for someone lately. The more positivity we see, the more we will feel better. We will feel inspired and spread that love and goodness to those around us, and it will react like a domino affect.

Now go out there and do something good today! Spread the love, not the fear.