Okay, we all know that there are thousands upon thousands of photographers you can totally chose from. I'm not going to lie, it can get so overwhelming in trying to choose. Here I am saying, let me help you. I have come up with some awesome tips in how to select a wedding photographer that you will love for your big day!

check out their work

Almost every photographer (pretty sure everyone, really) shares and posts their favorite work they have created and captured on social media platforms and their website. Asking potential photographers a full wedding day gallery is so important and something everyone should take a peak at. You want to know what you are getting yourself into and see if they can be awesome at shooting during the day AND the night time. Paying attention to how they use and control light during the day and night is crucial. You are paying a ton of money for your wedding photos, so it is good to see a variety from the wedding!

read the Reviews

This is an important step that should not be skipped! Any photographer can tell you how awesome they are, but what do clients think of? Take a peak of their reviews on their Facebook, Google, their website or ask someone in person who has worked with them in the past. If there are great responses, then SCORE! You're in the right direction!

This is also an amazing time to get to what kind of personality they have. Are they energetic and bubbly? Or more laid back and quiet? These personality traits will help direct you in deciding if they are someone you want around for the big day, and to see if you and your signifiant other click well with!

Are they active on social media?

Have you ever followed someone on social media and you felt like they have become your virtual friend overtime? Even if you have never met them before and you feel connected, usually means they might be doing something right! You want a wedding photographer that you can connect with. Do they respond to comments on their posts? Do they show up, share the good and help others on their Instagram stories? Your wedding photographer is going to share some of the most special, vulnerable and beautiful moments of your life with, and having someone to connect with really takes it to the next level!

meet up or schedule a call!

Having that one on one connection through a phone call or a in person consultation can really help in deciding who fits your needs best. You can only do so much through texting, so pick up the calendar and schedule in your call! It is never a waste of time having a fun conversation about what is important to you and how a photographer can best assist you through the wedding planning! This is also a great way to make sure that they are a great fit for you, and also that you are a great fit for them.

remember, you get what you pay for

This has been repeated time after time, and it is so stinking true. If there is a photographer that you have fallen in love with, you envision yourself in their style of work, you connect with and feel so good about, but their prices are a little steep, then take the action to save up a little bit each month.

I promise you, you will not regret of hiring your dream photographer. I cannot tell you how many times potential clients will turn me away just to save a few dollars and then after the wedding day, they will message me in how disappointed their wedding photos turned out and wished they would of forked out the money to hiring a professional.

Wedding photographers are an investment. After the ceremony is done, the happy tears are wiped away, and the decorations are put away in boxes, what are you left with? Maybe some leftover cake, some wedding gifts, your spouse, and your photos. Your photos should be a priority! If you want to remember every detail, every tear, every laugh from your big day, investing in a professional photographer should be your #1 priority. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

After you accept that sparkly ring from the love of your life, sit down and really discuss what your wedding photography budget is going to look like. Don't skimp out on the photographer if possible. You will not regret it! There is so much peace in knowing you've hired a professional who has lots of wedding experience, and has everything under control. It will make a world of a difference on your big day.

Over all, you want a photographer that you can connect with. You want someone that will love your photos as you would yourself.

I have worked with a huge amount of clients that I am still in contact with, and they are seriously the greatest blessings in my life! The fact that they put so much trust in me with a special time of their lives, and being able to deliver gorgeous galleries that they can cherish forever really makes my job a dream come true.