let's break this down

we're going to have a great friendship

Let me assure you of one important thing: my job begins well before I arrive on your wedding day. I’m going to be your friend and trusted advisor during this entire process. Not only have I been in your shoes, but I’ve been the photographer of choice at hundreds of weddings, so I understand what goes into such a special day. Expect to get tips and advice about your timeline, list of incredible local vendors, and suggestions for wardrobe and rad photo locations.

We’re going to laugh together, cry together, bust a move on the dance floor together, and probably even meet up for lunch together after all things are said and done. These connections that I make with my couples are some that I cherish more than anything else. So, when you hire me, you’re not just hiring any photographer, you’re getting another friend, another bridesmaid, and another person on your team for your happy day.

it won't be about stiff posing & fake smiles

During your session, we will have a few traditional posed moments, but the remaining time we are going to be talking and moving a ton! Don't expect cookie cutter poses. If you are looking for more of an experience where there's perfect posing and fake laughing, we are not going to be a great fit.

My goal is to make sure by the end of your session you feel closer together with each other. I want your connection with one another to grow deeper than how you arrived. You deserve a real, authentic experience that is so unique to the both of you, and that's exactly what we are going to do. Be prepared for some fun movements and weird, hilarious jokes, because that's just how I roll.


The most common thing I hear with almost every couple is, "I am not photogenic," or "I don't know what to do in front of the camera." Let me tell you: every couple that says these statements ends up walking out of a session feeling super confident, like a champ, and on top of the world. Why? It's because I am there to guide you and to be your #1 cheerleader!

All I need is your full trust. You guys show up all dolled up and ready to go, and I take care of the rest. This is what I do; I capture real and authentic moments of your relationship through fun prompts that will create laughter, movement, and maybe some tears. Come expecting to have an awesome time throughout the entire experience, and you’ll possibly even forget that we’re taking photos!

kind words

from kind people

see what they are saying

We're going to personalize the details

There's no “one size fits all” in weddings, because every single wedding is so unique. I'm going to tailor your experience to your exact needs, your unique family, and your beautiful love story. From the moment we have our phone conversation, it will only be about what matters most, because I will want to make sure I pay close attention to those details that truly matter.

i'm all about Tangible memories

When you receive your images from your wedding day, you will most likely save them on your phone or hard drive. There's no fun in that. I want you to have a physical reminder of how important your marriage is and how wonderful your wedding day was, whether that be prints hanging in your family room wall or having a custom album on your coffee table. When love ones come visit you, let them see your memories hung up and placed around your home. These tangible memories grow more valuable overtime, and you'll never have to worry about losing your images from a computer crash. These tangible products will have life to them for years and years to come.

invest in your legacy

Wedding photography is a lot of things, but it is primarily an investment. After the dress is hung, the flowers are dried, the cake has been eaten, and the guests have left, you want to be certain that you will never forget that day… the day that changed your life forever. Your wedding photography is the longest lasting decision that you invest in for your wedding day. Therefore, choosing your photographer is one of the most important choices you'll make when planning your wedding. Your perfect moments will be captured with beauty and creativity that will let you relive your wedding day for years to come.

When you invest, you're not just hiring someone "to stand there and take photos". You are investing in me, my time, my talent, my expertise, and my knowledge. You are investing in me, someone that knows what you need, even if you don't know it yet. I receive countless inquiries each year, and a lot of them end up going with someone else that is less expensive (which I completely respect). But, so many come back to me after everything is said and done and express the complete sadness they felt when their photos didn't turn out well. It literally breaks my heart every time. Hear me out. I am not going to beg you to hire me, but I am going to beg you to hire a professional photographer. This is your love story; make no compromises with your memories.

I'm pretty awesome

If you are looking for a photographer that'll just sit away and stay quiet, then I am not your girl. I'm there to really enhance your experience, so you best believe that I'm going to be the one dancing with your family on the dance floor, crying when you're dancing with your father, and laughing hard at my weirdness and making fun of myself just so everyone feels comfortable during our session!

Are we a good fit?

Haley Lynn Photo couples:

believe that real > perfect

believe in planning a marriage more beautiful than a wedding

are not afraid to show raw and real emotions

believe your significant other is the hottest thing to walk the planet

believe family is your everything

are ready to have the best photo experience of their life

are you my match?

let's go!

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Haley Lynn Photo is a Wedding and Elopement Photographer, located in Phoenix, Arizona. She specializes in epic elopements, traditional weddings, engagement sessions, and boudoir sessions.